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We love snow! After graduating college, and staying close to our home base of Pennsylvania for work, Josh and I (Jaimee) swore we would never move into a hot climate. But life happens and sometimes a career forces you into a decision. Just three years into the workforce, we had to take an opportunity, pack up and leave all four seasons of the north for our new lives on the Gulf Coast.

Ever since moving in 2013, we have made a point to take ourselves somewhere wintry at least once per year. Wanting to maximize our chances of seeing snow, we took a look at three mountain towns we were considering for the dates that we had planned to take a vacation. Being a meteorologist, Josh looked at the weather history, statistics and climate patterns, and it turned out that one of those three spots had commonly received much more snow on our dates. Trusting this scientific analysis, I booked for the historical favorite. On the first full day of our long weekend, we were snowed into our cabin, curled up by a cozy fire, watching the snow peaked mountains disappear behind the winter wonderland—just as we had dreamed! Then it hit us! Everyone should have access to this type of information for their plans. And so came the idea for YourCast!


So many people start planning something big, something outside, like a vacation, a wedding, an adventure or a party and assume there is no way to consider the weather so far into the future. That is not true! A long-term weather outlook is possible from two weeks to several years in advance.


Life is full of big decisions. These decisions are the results of lots of your own resources—mental, physical and financial. Protect those resources. Know what to expect. Maximize the chance that weather will be on your side.


YourCast uses weather history, statistics and climate patterns to provide you a long-range weather outlook. We are your weather planner, from finding the best date and location to delivering updates right up until the big day.

YourCast is happy to bring weather and climate consulting services to individuals, event coordinators, travel agents, etc. We can also supply reports for insurance claims and legal matters, and relocation planning.


YourCast is also able to offer personalized weekly and monthly climate updates. You may even inquire about hiring us to be your personal, on-demand meteorologist!

CLICK HERE for some product examples and a list of our services.

Jaimee Eachus is the co-founder and CEO of YourCast. For more than a decade, Jaimee has honed her craft of becoming a master molder of the client experience. Her educational background in marketing, business and management uniquely qualify her to service our customers.


Dr. Josh Eachus is the co-founder and Chief Meteorologist of YourCast. Josh has over 15 years of forecasting under his belt. His doctoral research and specialty are in providing people useful context to weather and climate information. Read more of Josh's weather insights and philosophies in the YourCast Blog.


Doug Eachus is the director of Human Resources. He provides lots of barks when Josh and Jaimee get out of line and typically only needs a bone or two for a waggy tail and restored employee morale.


Cash Eachus is the director of finance. He is new to the company, but brings a modern flare and enthusiasm. Accounts are strictly monitored to make sure no “goods” are missed.


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