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Seriously, What is the Weather Forecast At My Location?

The search results are misleading you. That is because few people know about a new service delivering personalized weather forecasts beyond the craziest imagination. What if the local news meteorologist delivered a video forecast, not for the whole city, but just for you... your weekend pool party... your after work jog... your family road trip? The more our super connected and instant information society evolves, the more Google gets asked this question, "what is the weather forecast at my location?" Surely, with how good weather forecasts are getting, the answer is out there, right? It is; just nobody has had the willingness to really bring it. Until now.


Weather Forecasting Services

So here’s the thing. New weather forecasting services keep popping up left and right. You already know the main outlets–The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and of course the official United States weather body, the National Weather Service (NWS). There are new ones that charge a fee for access to hundreds of weather modeling products–none of them proprietary, just with a different color scheme. All of these agencies and websites do admirable work. Hard work. But, it’s the same work. We’re kind of tired of that work and wanted to do something new. Something that drastically improved the “services” aspect of weather forecasting.

The current model for weather is one, big forecast for today to the next 10 days, for many counties or cities. While that works on a regular basis, sometimes YOU NEED MORE. What if you could get a detailed, PERSONAL weather forecast that is specific to you and your plans?

Create Your Own Weather Forecast

No, no, no this isn’t like Kramer’s make your own pizza idea where you knead the dough and add the toppings yourself. Finding the weather forecast at my location does not mean do the forecast yourself. That is MORE work. We are suggesting you do LESS work. Actually, even less work than taking the time to look it up yourself. Somebody should deliver it to you via email, text or call!

You have a lot going on. Sure, you are always aware the weather could make or break your plans, but you don’t have time to worry about it, let alone find a forecast specific to you. What we do is learn about you. Tell us where you live, where you hang out, where you travel, what big plans you have coming up. Tell us what type of weather you like, what type of weather you don’t like. We cover every detail and completely customize a weather forecast for where ever you want and for when ever you want. You see… we are a forecast for Phil, not Philadelphia.

Add An Event

You probably also have a couple of big events in the future. A beach getaway with your significant other–but the details aren’t finalized. A family reunion–but the weekend isn’t selected. A skiing vacation with family–but not sure of the best option. Those all sound like events that could really be affected by weather. We’re here to take care of that too.

Beach vacation–have a couple of dates and locations in mind? Tell us about them. We run a comparison of as many as you would like and find the time and place to give you the best chance of warm temperatures, sunny skies and no hurricanes!

Family reunion–trying to figure out if the third weekend in March or second weekend in April works best? We analyze both weekends and provide probabilities for snow, rain, severe thunderstorms, etc. to find the best choice for the party to go on safely.

Winter vacation–maybe you hate snow except for around the holidays or on a ski trip, but don’t want to book such an expensive vacation and risk missing it. We’ll give you stats on ski resorts and snowy mountains around the United States to help you make the optimal choice in getting to a winter wonderland.

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To Get the Weather Forecast At My Location, Get YourCast

I hope by now you are starting to see how this works. To end the endless online searches for weather forecast at my location, we are your new personal meteorologist! A simple introduction is all it takes. We’ll chat how you prefer–an email, a text, a phone call. Tell us what you need, what you are planning, and we figure out the rest.

Day-To-Day: We can be there for you at any time. For most of the year, the example NWS forecast above works fine. Yet, there are a couple long drives, business trips, and weekend parties that need more detail than a weather app or online forecast can provide. Once you've signed up, shoot us a text and we’ll turn it around for you in plenty of time. You will get a straightforward report with more variables considered than in generic forecasts. We include hourly weather information, supporting maps, plus wellness and preparedness recommendations.

Long-Term: Plan your year(s) ahead with the weather in mind. Stop risking your money on washouts, cancellations and the whims of Mother Nature. No more clip art weather icons and broad images left up for your interpretation. Get a report curated specific to you. We will have data, discussion and guidance that you can actually use to make decisions.

Best Online Answer to Weather Forecast At My Location

They say that if you put ten meteorologists in a room, you will get ten different forecasts. That was more true years ago before technology advanced so much. Nowadays, check the forecast on any of the sites listed above, and you will a lot of similarity. Meteorology is a field with many well trained scientists doing their job the right way, making it hard to rise above the pack. So how can one be the best? In this case, being the best might be more about being different, adding value to the weather forecast and doing something more for the user. While the technology has gotten better and better over the years, weather forecasting services haven’t changed much at all. Sure, new apps keep hitting the market. You can have instant information at your fingertips. However, robots don’t answer questions about your life, and they are prone to major errors without human intervention. By design, apps work for the masses, not for YOU. They let computers do the work and collect money, regardless of performance. A lot of your life depends on the weather. It only makes sense to have somebody with expertise guide you through it—an actual human meteorologist.

We LOVE shaking up the weather industry, not by advancing technology, but by improving its greatest challenge–service. The world already has personal chefs, personal trainers, personal financial planners, and now with YourCast, the option of a PERSONAL meteorologist! Our forecasts for today, tomorrow, the next 10 days and even beyond, come at an affordable price given the time, money and headaches we can save anyone stressing about the weather. In fact, we are so passionate about helping people plan life around the weather, to expand our service, we even have FREE options if you are willing to help us spread the word.

Pictured: Josh, Jaimee, Doug & Cash Eachus -- Founders of YourCast

YourCast is here to help maximize the chance that weather is on your side! We tailor the weather forecast to you so you can stay informed and be ready. Email, text or call. Be the man with the plan or the woman always prepared. Get YourCast!

We are always available and excited to work with you!

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