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Your Personal Weather Planners


Protect your plans

YourCast costs less than 2% of the average two person vacation, less than most travel insurance plans (which don’t cover bad weather) and less than 1% of the average wedding

Look Good in Front of Friends & Family

In charge of planning? Getting caught unaware of the weather could be one big oversight. YourCast is on top of it so you are the Jane or Joe in the know when it comes to weather.

Be informed, be safe

Improve your odds

Know all weather possibilities before you book, pay, and go. YourCast will alert you about any weather wildcards and even make packing recommendations.

The average YourCast client is 3x more likely to experience desirable weather

No two people require the same exact forecast. We are reimagining weather to provide the information you need and deserve!

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I absolutely recommend this as a vital vendor in any wedding budget that will minimize stress and maximize confidence heading into your big day.



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Introducing a BRAND NEW weather service:

How to Prepare for the Possibility of Rain on Wedding Day?

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Our Services & Pricing

Unlike any other weather forecast service platform in the United States, YourCast guarantees you get information DIRECTLY from a person. While competitors work in bulk by delivering broad content via computer automation, we work with our clients personally to make sure all of their questions are answered and needs are met by a HUMAN meteorologist.


Our Chief Meteorologist, Dr. Josh Eachus

has been forecasting weather for nearly two decades.

Josh’s Ph.D. research is on effective communication

of weather information which is why he is extremely

passionate about helping you plan for the weather

and turn the unexpected into the expected. Josh has

won numerous awards for his work as a television

meteorologist. Josh is an active member of the American

Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association

from which he holds a prestigious seal of approval. 

Dr. Josh Eachus YourCast
Custom Weather
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